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Viking Electronics

Viking RC-3 Remote DTMF Control

Viking RC-3 Remote DTMF Control



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2 Year Limited Warranty

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Remote DTMF Control enables a standard touch tone phone to control up to three maintained ON, maintained OFF, or momentary relay contacts from a remote location.
  • User Touch Tone programmable
  • Non-volatile E2 memory
  • 12 digit alarm activated pulse dialer
  • 6 digit security code (to access programming)
  • 6 digit access code (disable or enable for additional control security)
  • Switchable 12V talk battery
  • Relay interrogation tones
  • Programmable relay time delays
  • Cascade up to three RC-3’s to control up to nine relays
  • Programmable ring delay before answering
  • Status LED’s for relays 1, 2, 3 and the answer relay
  • One power adapter can power up to three units
  • Built-in pulse dialer activated by a contact closure from an alarm system, temperature sensor, etc., Inc. is a leading provider of Viking Electronics phone systems and equipment. We specialize in business phones and business phone systems for small to large companies; with phone systems for any application. We sell many of the brands in the IT, Telecom, Datacom, Electrical, and Industrial spaces.