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Viking PRX-FOB 125KHz Wiegand Proximity Key Ring Fob

Viking PRX-FOB 125KHz Wiegand Proximity Key Ring Fob



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The PRX-FOB is a proximity key ring fob with brass eyelet designed to attach to a key chain or necklace. The PRX-FOB’s compact size is only 1.5” x 1.2” x 0.15” making it one of the smallest available.



  • Please fill out this form and call 877 999 6186- FOB Form


Viking PRX-FOB Features:

  • The fobs are pre-programmed with a standard 26 bit Wiegand format consisting of a three digit facility code and a five-digit card number - The range of facility codes is from 2 to 254, and the card numbers range from 1 to 65,534
  • The actual card number can be printed on a label and placed on the back of each fob for easy reference, or the card number can be offset by a fixed value for security purposes
  • When ordering, the quantity, facility code, and starting card number along with the card number printing must be specified - Please use the attached order form on page 4 of attached .pdf
  • Industry standard 125KHz RFID technology
  • 26 bit Wiegand format
  • Non-contact reading for long life
  • Use with the Viking PRX-1, PRX-2, PRX-3 and certain legacy 125KHz HID proximity card readers
  • The PRX-FOB is a durable key ring fob with a IP67 rating allowing it to even withstand the washing machine
  • Up to 253 facility codes and 65,534 card numbers available
  • Cannot be erased by a magnet
  • Dimensions: 38.1mm x 30.5mm x 3.8mm (1.5” x 1.2” x 0.15”)
  • Applications include: apartment entry, building security, secured offices, etc.
  • Compatible with these Viking products:
    • Double Gang Entry Phones with Built-In Proximity Card Reader E-70-BK
    • Double Gang Entry Phones with Built-In Video Camera and Proximity Card Reader E-75-BK
    • 125KHz Proximity Card Reader PROX-1
    • Keypad with Built-In Proximity Card Reader PROX-2
    • Compact Medium Range Proximity Card Reader PROX-3, Inc. is a leading provider of Viking Electronics phone systems and equipment. We specialize in business phones and business phone systems for small to large companies; with phone systems for any application. We sell many of the brands in the IT, Telecom, Datacom, Electrical, and Industrial spaces.