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Viking K-1270-IP-EWP 12 Button Apartment Entry Phone With Proximity Reader And Enhanced Weather Protection

Viking K-1270-IP-EWP 12 Button Apartment Entry Phone With Proximity Reader And Enhanced Weather Protection


SKU: K-1270-IP-EWP

The Viking K-1270-IP-EWP apartment entry phone provides a durable and attractive handsfree phone for apartment and residential door entry, or any application requiring a vandal resistant VoIP speaker phone with an integrated 125 KHz Proximity Reader. The K-1270-IP-EWP entry phone is designed to provide quick and reliable handsfree communication for SIP VoIP phone systems or cloud based service providers. The unit can be programmed from any PC on the same LAN or remotely using a Static IP Address. The K-1270-IP-EWP entry phone can dial up to 12 programmable numbers and another 12 rollover numbers. The brushed stainless steel faceplate has a built-in 12 resident directory with a waterproof, scratch resistant lens and 12 buttons for single push auto-dialing of a tenant’s phone number or business extension.

When the Viking K-1270-IP-EWP phone is connected to an apartment or business tenant, a built-in contact closure may be activated to control an electric gate or door strike. Up to 1,000 keyless entry codes may be programmed, providing tenants with keyless entry. A 26-bit Wiegand input is provided for adding an optional proximity card reader with capacity to program up to 1,000 card numbers. Keyless entry codes and card numbers can be programmed to only allow access at specific times and/or day of the week. The K-1270-IP-EWP includes a request for exit (REX) input and also offers event logging with time and date stamp.

The K-1270-IP-EWP is equipped with Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP), ideal for outdoor installations where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation. EWP products are designed to meet IP66 standards and may feature foam rubber gaskets, sealed connections, gel-filled butt connectors, as well as potted circuit boards with internally sealed, field-adjustable trim pots and DIP switches for easy on-site programming.

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Viking K-1270-IP-EWP Features
  • Vandal Resistant Features
    • 14 gauge louvered 316 stainless steel faceplate
    • Permanent laser etched graphics
    • Speaker and mic screen
    • Heavy-duty metal keypad buttons
    • T-10 Security Torx drive mounting screws
  • Weather Resistant Features
    • Marine grade 316 stainless steel faceplate ­­­­and screws
    • Keypad internally sealed per IP67
    • Mylar speaker
    • Self-draining mic mount
    • Gaskets for faceplate, mic, and speaker
    • Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP)
  • Built-in 125 KHz 26-bit Wiegand proximity card reader with LED, “beep” read confirmation, and EWP board protection
  • Two sets of SPDT 2 Amp relay contacts for controlling a door, gate, or camera­­­
  • Optional RC-4A for secure remote relay control, see DOD 582
  • Blue “Call/Status” LED indicator
  • SIP compliant
  • PoE powered (class 2, <6.5 Watts)
  • Automatic Noise Canceling (ANC) feature for clear audio even in noisy environments
  • Viking’s proprietary VOX switching eliminates the need for “Push to Talk” mode
  • Network downloadable firmware
  • 26 bit Wiegand input for optional proximity card readers
  • Programmable to speed dial up to 12 numbers
  • Cycles to rollover phone number on busy or no-answer
  • Program up to 1,000 keyless entry codes­­­ and/or proximity card numbers
  • Keyless entry codes and proximity card numbers can be programmed to only allow access at specific times and days of week
  • Event logging with time and date stamp
  • Hangs up on: busy signal, time-out, or touch tone command
  • Program remotely
  • Extended operating temperature range: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
  • Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) included, EWP products are designed to meet IP66 Ingress Protection Rating, see DOD 859
  • Adjustable volume for microphone and speaker
  • Selectable auto-answer feature for monitoring
  • Zinc plated steel rough-in box included
  • Optional Viking LRR-4 Long Range RFID Receiver.
  • Optional Viking VE-5×10 Surface Mount Boxes available.
  • Optional Viking VE-LIGHT kit to illuminate the front panel at night.
  • Diagnostics for testing mic, speaker, and relays


  • Gate Entrance
  • Courtesy Assistance Phone
  • Customer Service Phone
  • Automated Teller (ATM) Phone
  • Door Entry Phone
  • Apartment Entry Phone
  • Kiosk Phone



Power PoE class 2 (<6.5 Watts)
Dimensions – Overall 5” x 10” x 2.5” (127mm x 254mm x 63.5mm)
Dimensions – Rough-In Box 4.5” x 9.12” x 2.5” (114mm x 232mm x 64mm)
Shipping Weight 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)
Operating Temperature -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
Humidity Up to 100%
Audio Codecs G711u, G711a, G722
Network Compliance IEEE 802.3 af PoE, SIP 2.0 RFC3261, 100BASE-TX with auto cross over
Connections (1) RJ45 10/100 Base-T, (10) gel-filled butt connectors, Inc. is a leading provider of Viking Electronics phone systems and equipment. We specialize in business phones and business phone systems for small to large companies; with phone systems for any application. We sell many of the brands in the IT, Telecom, Datacom, Electrical, and Industrial spaces.