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Viking Electronics

Viking C-2000B Advanced Door and Gate Entry Phone Controller

Viking C-2000B Advanced Door and Gate Entry Phone Controller


SKU: C-2000B

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2 Year Limited Warranty

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Advanced Door and Gate Entry Phone Controller allows single line phones or phone systems to share a phone line with 1-4 entry phones. Tenants may answer an entry phone call, converse with the visitor and activate a contact closure to control electronic gates or door strikes.

Viking C-2000B Features:

  • 1-4 entry phones can share single telephone line with residential or business telephone system
  • Up to 6 different keyless entry codes / “one time use” keyless entry codes per entrance
  • Up to 6 master keyless entry codes for use at any entrance
  • Analog station mode allows C-2000B to connect to an unused PABX station port
  • Optional privacy number allows only selected visitors to call from an entry phone
  • Caller ID and call waiting caller ID
  • Produces call waiting tones when phone line is already in use
  • Lighted doorbell switch input to activate entry phone call
  • One set of normally open and normally closed contacts available for each entry phone
  • Programmable contact activation time
  • Auxiliary input to activate timed auxiliary contacts
  • Tenants may call out to each entry phone for monitoring purposes

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