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Viking K-1500-EHFA Handsfree Emergency Elevator Phone No Auto Dialing - Previous Return

Viking K-1500-EHFA Handsfree Emergency Elevator Phone No Auto Dialing - Previous Return


SKU: K-1500-EHFA-U

The Viking K-1500-E Emergency Phone provides reliable handset emergency communication. The phone can be connected directly to a CO line or analog station/extension on a phone system when used in conjunction with a hot-line dialer or programmed ring down circuit.

When the button is pressed, the Viking K-1500-EHFA will be activated until its intelligent call progress detection automatically hangs it up.

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Viking K-1500-EHFA Features:

  • Has a 3 mild scratches 
  • Phone line powered
  • No dial pads
  • Designed to mount in a standard emergency phone enclosure (10” x 7” x 3”)
  • Built for easy installation and simple operation
  • Intelligent call progress detection for automatic hang-up on CPC, silence, busy signal or timeout
  • Alternate action “call” button to place or cancel a call
  • Selectable auto-answer feature allows remote monitoring
  • Two-way handsfree communication
  • Vandal resistant metal push button
  • Programmable maximum call length
  • Programmable VOX (mic/speaker) switching speed
  • Adjustable mic and speaker volume
  • Use on an analog ringdown circuit that provides CPC, busy, Return to dial tone or silence when called phone hangs up
  • K-1500-EHFA can also be used with Two-Way Phone Line Simulator DLE-200B
  • Manufacturer Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Viking K-1500-EHFA Applications

    • Commercial, industrial or residential elevators
    • Use in conjunction with a Viking K-1900-5 Dialer or a K-1900-30 Multi-Number Dialer on CO lines or analog PABX/KSU stations
    • Use on a programmed ringdown circuit of an analog PABX/KSU station

Viking K-1500-EHFA Specifications:

  • Power: Telephone line powered (18V DC/20mA minimum)
  • Dimensions: 6.8” x 9.875” x 2.1” (174mm x 251mm x 63.5mm)
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 90°F (0°C to 32°C)
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
  • Speaker Volume: Approximately 70db maximum @ 1m
  • Ring Voltage: 25V AC RMS minimum
  • CPC Disconnect Time: 300ms minimum
  • REN: 0.8A
  • Connections: (1) 2-position terminal block, Inc. is a leading provider of Viking Electronics phone systems and equipment. We specialize in business phones and business phone systems for small to large companies; with phone systems for any application. We sell many of the brands in the IT, Telecom, Datacom, Electrical, and Industrial spaces.