Viking E-1600A series Emergency Phone- Describing the Features and facilities

Viking E-1600A series Emergency Phone- Describing the Features and facilities

Emergency does not arrive by seeing the opportunity. It can stop your way anytime or anywhere without seeing the situation. Maybe at that time, you are at a place where you do not have the sources to convey your message to anyone. Then the circumstances may become hectic for you to deal with. Poolside accidents, stuck in an elevator are some common emergencies that a person can face in their life. So, it is necessary that at that instance, you get help as soon as possible. For that purpose, Viking electronics has offered a wide range of emergency phones to help a person in a difficult time. Viking is well-known for making the best business telephone systems, as well as other emergency communications products that fit best in your home and commercial areas. With Viking emergency phones, you can easily reach other people and ask them for your help. However, Viking offers several emergency phones. But, still, one of the best Emergency phones offered by Viking is the E-1600A series telephone. So, let us discuss the features that make it different from other emergency telephone systems.

What is the E-1600A series Emergency phone system, and what facilities does it offer?
E-1600A is Viking's ADA compliant emergency phone that comes with a built-in auto dialer and digital announcer. This telephone system is operatable with any touch-tone telephone. Mainly it is designed to get you out of a strange and challenging situation. So, to make it possible, this system can dial up to 5 programmable emergency numbers to whom you can ask for help. Additionally, it facilitates you
by dialing the two central station numbers. Moreover, it has a fantastic feature of a glowing led specially added for hearing-impaired people. The LED glows automatically, which is an indication for a hearing- impaired person to call connection. 

In addition to the above features, the E-1600A series phone system also offers a unique location ID code that enables another person to know your current location. The list of its features does not end here as this emergency phone is also the best choice for a visually impaired person due to the grade 2 Braille labels available on the emergency phone. In addition to this, it has a non-volatile digital voice announcer with 16 seconds of voice memory and advanced call progress detection. It supports a fully hands-free operation with a touch-tone or pulse dialing specialty. This emergency phone hangs up when there is a silence, busy signal, dial tone, time-out, or touch-tone command. All in all, the emergency phone system has unique working criteria as it cycles through dialing the emergency and non-emergency numbers when busy or no answer.

Other Functionalities of Viking E-1600A series emergency phone

1. allows auto-answering on incoming calls.

2. Easy to access remotely or remotely- programmable.

3. having additional weather protection features.

4. Availability of voice-based number speed dialing of Central station.

Viking Making the Lives Easier:

The whole discussion justified the features of the Viking E-1600A series emergency telephone system. These emergency phones can get installed at elevators, parking ramps, pools, ATMs, Lobbies, Entryways, Campus, emergency stations, Roadside emergency stations, Stadiums, Convention centers, etc. That mentions Viking emergency phone allows a person to get in touch with others in any emergency circumstances. Moreover, the discussion shows that the system works effectively in a harsh atmosphere, so it does not need special care or maintenance. The installation process is simple and less time-consuming. So, get your Viking telephone system for your home or office and secure yourself today with Viking telecom. With Viking, you can also discover a wide range of Viking security and communication products such as business telephone, paging equipment, door phones, corded phones, phone accessories, and much more. So, grab your favorite product now! For full product details and to proceed with purchasing, visit our website as soon as possible.

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