Viking CL-D2 CL Series Wireless Digital Clock- Discussing the Working and features of Viking LED clock

Viking CL-D2 CL Series Wireless Digital Clock- Discussing the Working and features of Viking LED clock

Nowadays, LED clocks are becoming the first choice of everyone. These clocks are more stylish and are accurate than traditional clocks. A LED wall clock is a type of clock that displays the time digitally. The clock does not contain needles and big words. Instead of it, the digital clocks have an LED display where it shows the exact timings. Such kind of small digital clock is more reliable than the traditional clocks and is durable also. The digital clocks are easy to install and can fit at any place, such as office, home, buildings, etc. If you are willing to buy a LED clock, you can think of Viking CL-D2 Digital Clock.

It is a Digital Wireless Synchronized led wall clock with a Built-in repeater that receives and retransmits the clock sync signal each minute. Also, it uses the 915 – 928 MHz frequency-hopping technology. Additionally, the clock includes an internal antenna. Its list of characteristics includes many interesting features. We will discuss it in detail. But, before that, let us discuss the product and its specifications in detail.


  • Bezel Color: Anti-glare red
  • Brightness: Two levels (adjustable)
  • color of the display: Vibrant Red
  • Time format: 12 or 24-hour mode
  • Total Number of Digits: 4 digits
  • Visibility details: 100 ft. (30.48 m)
  • Mounting: Surface Mount with CL-SMD2/ Double Mount with CL-DMD2
  • Transmitter Power Output: 0.25 Watt (8 dBm), can transmit up to 500 ft in open space
  • Input Sensitivity: -103 dBm
  • Operational Frequency: 915 – 928 MHz- frequency-hopping technology
  • Shipping weight-detail: 2.0 lbs (0.91 kg)
  • Temperature detail: 32°F to 90°F
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Avg. Current Consumption: 85 mA @ 24 VAC
  • Bezel Dimensions: 4.69″ x 10.31″
  • Display Digit Dimensions: 2.5″

About Viking CL-D2 CL Series Wireless Digital Clock:

Viking offers the CL-D2 Digital Clock, a part of Viking’s Wireless Clock System, which provides reliable, accurately synchronized clocks. It eliminates the need for a dedicated clock wiring installation. And it also allows easy retrofitting of a current installation. Additionally, Viking’s small digital clock is not limited to the range of the transmitter. Each clock acts as a transceiver, which means the secondary clocks can both receive and retransmit the signals, maximizing the signal transmission distances.

CL-D2 Digital Clock components include CTG-2 master clock, a CL-RFT clock RF transmitter, and Analog or Digital wireless slave clocks. It works on 915-928MHz frequency-hopping technology. In addition to this, it does not require an FCC license and eliminates extraneous fees.

With automatic calibration and diagnostics in CL-D2 Digital Clock, the user can view the signal strength, details about the last time the clock received a signal, a complete analysis of the clock itself, and battery status.

The CL-D2 Digital Clock receives and retransmits an RF clock sync signal every 4 hours or 12 hours. With such a scenario, the system allows a battery life of 5 years or 8 years respectively. Moreover, these digital clocks are powered by an included power adapter and receive and retransmit an RF clock sync signal every minute.

Where can we use it?

You can use this LED clock at various places such as schools, College Campuses, Restaurants, Churches, Theaters, Auditoriums, Dormitories, Office, or buildings. Now, let us have a look on its features.

Features of Viking CL-D2 CL Series Wireless Digital Clock:

  • Viking CL-D2 CL Series Wireless Digital Clock's Built-in repeater receives and retransmits the clock sync signal each minute.
  • It uses the 915 – 928 MHz frequency-hopping technology
  • The LED wall clock includes an Internal antenna
  • This digital clock has a Built-in diagnostic mode for easy maintenance
  • The CL-D2 CL Series Wireless Digital Clock receives the RF Sync signal once a minute
  • It offers an immediate correction for the time change.
  • Supports both 12 or 24-hour format
  • Includes Two levels of adjustable brightness
  • It has a feature of loss of communication alert
  • Can be surface mounted (see CL-SMD2) or double mounted (see CL-DMD2)
  • Optional wire guards (see CL-WGD4)

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