See what is in Viking PA-30 30 Watt Paging Amplifier with Loud Ringing and Background Music.

See what is in Viking PA-30 30 Watt Paging Amplifier with Loud Ringing and Background Music.

Amplifiers are something that has great usage in our day to day life. Whether it is in our workplace or homes, you can find its importance everywhere.

Mainly, the best amplifier is a two-port electronic circuit that can boost the power of a signal. Moreover, an amplifier increases the amplitude of the signals applied to its input terminals, producing a higher amplitude signal as an output.

If you also need any loud ringing and background music amplifier for your commercial or residential places, you can explore a wide range of best amplifiers offered by Viking electronics.

Viking offers the best-integrated amplifier for loud ringing and background music to its customers, such as Viking PA-30 30 Watt Paging Amplifier with Loud Ringing and Background Music. You can check out this product to get the highly amplified signal strength.

Moreover, you will come to know about the product in this whole article. 

So, let us start by discussing its specifications.


  • Power: 120VAC / 15VAC 2.2A with a UL listed adapter
  • Product Dimensioning: 5.25″ x 3.5″ x 1.75″ (133mm x 89mm x 44mm)
  • Shipping Weight details: 3 lbs (1.36 kg)
  • Working Temperature: 32°F to 90°F (0°C to 32°C)
  • Humidity details: 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Paging-Output: 30 Watts – powers up to (30) 8 Ohm speakers or (50) 70V or 25V speakers
  • Talk-Battery details: 40VDC
  • Connection options: (1) 3.5mm (1/8″) audio jack, (17) cage clamp screw terminals

About the device:

The PA-30 has the ability to stimulate up to thirty 8 Ohm paging speakers or fifty 70 Volt or 25 Volt paging speakers. Its sleek design and features offer high efficiency with less heat dissipation, a smaller size, higher reliability, and lower cost.

This 30 Watt Paging Amplifier is the best amp option to get loud ringing and paging to electronic key systems, 1A2 Key systems, and PABXs, as well as No-KSU phones and multiline phones.

For paging, the connection gets established with PA-30 by using a paging port or unused telephone line input of nearly any phone system. Moreover, you can also generate an adjustable ringing with a ringing analog line or a dry contact closure. In addition to this, it can also eliminate the installation of multiple bells, relays, and paging cards.

Features of Viking 30 Watt Paging Amplifier

  • The amplifier offers 30 Watts of paging power
  • It can stimulate up to (30) 8 Ohm speakers and (50) 70V or 25V speakers
  • You have complete control over volume
  • The amplifier has separate volume controls for Auxiliary Input, Paging, Ringing Tones, and Background Music
  • You can select from the given 4 ringing sounds
  • Electronic warble (traditional loud ringer)
  • Double gong (two identical “gong” tones)
  • Quadruple chime (four descending chime tones)
  • Door chime (ding-dong)
  • It includes loud ringing or night bell
  • It has a night transfer switch
  • You can Page it from an unused trunk port or paging port
  • You can explore background music from an external source
  • You can use it as a low-cost stand-alone power amplifier
  • It provides the 600 Ohm output to drive additional amplifiers
  • The amplifier uses multiple units for more paging power

Applications of the product:

  • Amplified loud paging
  • Loud ringing
  • Night bell
  • Background music

Available Tones of Viking 30 Watt Paging Amplifier

The following are the ringing tones that you can explore with Viking 30 Watt Paging Amplifier.

PA-30 DoorChime Door chime (ding-dong)
PA-30 PageAlertTone  Page Alert Tone
PA-30 DoubleGong Double gong (two identical “gong” tones)
PA-30 QuadrupleChime Quadruple chime (four descending chimes)
PA-30 WarbleC Electronic warble (traditional loud ringer)

It is one of the best amplifiers that the Viking telecom solution is selling. You can take advantage by exploring it. Now, you are familiar with its features, specifications, and working so you can manage it easily.

Moreover, you can also purchase other Viking equipment such as mass notification systems, security systems, paging devices, emergency devices, and many more. So, do not wait anymore and order other Viking Electronics devices or buy the best amplifier now!!

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