Emergency LED Strobe – Knowing about Viking BLK-4 Line Status LED Strobe / Beacon Light Kit Mass Notification System.

Emergency LED Strobe – Knowing about Viking BLK-4 Line Status LED Strobe / Beacon Light Kit Mass Notification System.

Home security as well as Industrial security and communication systems are the necessary arrangements needed to protect your home and family. The marketplace contains many security systems that can alert you before any mishappenings. One of those products is the Viking BLK-4 Line Status LED Strobe / Beacon Light Kit Mass Notification System. Viking Electronics is a well-known name in the telecommunications industry, which offers a wide range of security and phoning equipment to buyers. 

Similarly, Viking BLK-4 Line Status LED Strobe / Beacon Light Kit Mass Notification System is security phone accessories used to indicate any particular event or alert message at that time. If these LED strobe lights get installed for security purposes in a building, then it will glow as soon as the sensor triggers the strobe. It will be an indication of an emergency to everyone. These LED strobe lights are not only useful in an emergency but also get customized to report different triggers around your home. 

You can program it for anything, such as flashing when the doorbell rings, command a siren to go off on leak detection or signal that your nightly alarm system is activated. Hence, Viking LED strobe lights have many features that can attract anyone to install them in commercial or residential buildings or areas.

Let us explore its list of features that make Viking BLK-4 Line Status LED Strobe / Beacon Light Kit Mass System the best notification system of all.

Description of the product:

Item Weight- 03.31 pounds

Product Dimensions- 2.91 x 2.09 x 0.98 inches

Item model number- BLK-4

Height (inches) - 5 inches

Width (inches) - 5 inches

Weight- 4.5 Pounds

Knowing features and functioning of Viking BLK-4 Line Status LED Strobe

The alerting equipment, Viking BLK-4, is an ideal indication provider for hearing-impaired people as it provides high visibility of analog line status through a high powered LED strobe. In addition to this, Viking-BLK-4 LED strobe can get used in loud warehouses as in the loud-atmosphere, you cannot hear the ringing phone. 

These Viking strobes can get installed with emergency phones to add emergency notifications. When emergency phones are in use, then the strobe light gets active to indicate the emergency conditions. Also, Viking strobe lights are the best to fit with two-button emergency phones, such as E-1600-20A. It allows the “Info” button calls to get placed without switching on the strobe flash and camera. Furthermore, the Viking BLK-4 Strobe comes with four DIP switches that are:

  • For turning ring detection on or off

  • Off-hook / loop detection on or off

  • 12VDC or dry relay contact output

  • Switch for selecting a ring cadence mode allowing the relay to remain activated during the off-time of standard ring cadence. 

The control module can get introduced on any standard phone line or simple PABX/KSU station. The strobe can get interfaced to glow on ringing, off-snare, or a mix of ringing and off-snare.

The BLK-4 includes: 

  • (1) control module

  • (1) SL-2 blue LED strobe light

  • (1) 12VDC power adapter

  • (16) gel-filled butt connectors 

  • (1) Single gang weatherproof mounting box, including gaskets and hardware.

Major functioning Viking emergency LED strobe can provide to anyone:

  • The Viking emergency LED strobe works well with the emergency phone used in elevators, campuses, hallways, and parking ramps.

  • Best to use for hearing impaired people as it provides the TTY indication to them.

  • Provide ringing phone indication in loud factories and warehouses.

Get your Emergency LED strobe or other Viking electronic Equipment!!

Viking provides you with the best telecommunication and security types of equipment such as Viking Emergency Phones, Entry Systems, Paging Interfaces, Amplifiers, Mass Notification Systems, Hot Line Phones, Auto Dialers, Enclosures, business telephone, and more. Today we have explored a part of it that is an Emergency LED strobe. 

 Viking BLK-4 strobe is one of the best notification systems that Viking provides. It can indicate any emergency to a person and ideal for any hearing impaired. So, get your Led strobe lights now and get an instant alert before anything happens.

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