Discusing RC-4A And E-10-IP Sync procedure with Viking’s IP Phones

Discusing RC-4A And E-10-IP Sync procedure with Viking’s IP Phones

In this discussion, you will learn the syncing procedure of Viking Electronic's VoIP entry phones with the Viking's RC-4A remote relay controller. But, before that, we will discuss RC-4A in detail so that you can understand the sync procedure more accurately. So, keep on reading this article to sync your IP phone with RC-4A.

About RC-4A:

The Viking RC-4A Network Enabled Relay Controller offers a network control of four relays using an easy-to-use web interface.
The same interface tells the status of four contact closure inputs. You can toggle the Relays for on or off. Or activate it for a length of time. Also, RC-4A can interface with Viking VoIP phones, controlling door-strikes and gates. And work as a remote relay. You can program it to send an email or text message to respond to a change in one or more sensor inputs. With two-RC-4A, activity on a sensor input of one unit sends a message across the network. It activates one of the relays on the other unit. With two levels of user-access, users can have full operational and programming rights. On the other end, others have operational-control but not programming capability. Now, we will discuss how to configure your RC-4A with An IP phone. So, let us start with the procedure.

Steps to add remote relay control to your IP phone using an RC-4A

• For interfacing your RC-4A and E-10-IP phone, get your RC-4A an E-10 IP phone connected to the POE switch on a local area network here at Viking.
• Power the RC-4A with the included adapter. Now, the network connection gets established.
• As the Viking E-10-IP phone is also POE powered and does not require any additional power source.
• Now, for further connection procedure, go to the Viking electronics webpage, and in the search bar, search for the RC-4A.
• Scroll down and select RC-4A in the product section. Now click on the application and downloads the link.
• After that, you have to download RC-4A Discoverer. Once you download the RC-4A Discoverer, again visit the Viking electronics search panel.
• Now search for E-10- IP phone. Again click the application and download option and download the IP programming software.
• After installing IP programming software, open it, and proceed with connecting the IP phone.
• If you are trying to establish the connection for the first time, you may get an alarm that is normal until you enter the IP server settings into the programming software. After entering the network information, open the phone settings.
• Now set the internal-external relay to external and then select the first available relay and set it.
• Apply your settings and open the RC-4A discoverer.
• If you have multiple RC-4A on your network, make sure you check the Mac address, which you can find on the RJ-45port on the RC-4A
• Now, click on access to the unit link.
• After that, you have to enter your login credentials. For login, the username is admin and password Viking.
• Once you successfully log in, click on settings and scroll down the page.
• Now, click on VOIP relay, there you can find a list of IP phones available on your network.
• Identify your IP phone with the help of your Mac address, static IP address, or by the name of the IP phone.
• Check the box to your desired phone and hit apply.
• Now, the E-10- IP phone and the RC-4A are both programmed, and we can make a call using the IP phone.

The above-listed steps can help you in syncing your IP phone with the RC-4A device. Moreover, to know more about Viking Electronics and Viking products, you can visit the Viking telecom solutions. With us, you can explore a wide range of Viking telecommunication products such as Emergency Phones, Entry Systems, Paging Interfaces, Amplifiers, Mass Notification Systems, Hot Line Phones, Auto Dialers, Enclosures, and more. So, if you want to purchase anything, we can deliver it to your door across the USA.

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